Theraputic Healing

The holistic approach to health differs from the conventional medical approach in that it takes into account the whole patient rather than just focusing on the symptom or the part that has the problem.

Holistic therapists believe that the body has a vital force or life energy. It is this force that protects the body from disease and allows it to heal. We often refer to it as the “immune system”.

When the balance of the immune system is disturbed we the see the various symptoms of dis-ease.

Holistic therapies aim to help the patient restore the balance, thus allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

Our Trainers



Sajjad has dedicated his life to engineering until he stumbled upon Yoga whilst visiting Thailand in 2015, something that made an immediate impact in his life. He saw the incredible benefits of yoga that went on to reshape his life, after completing a teacher training course in Bali with a traditional Indian Guru.



Gary has been practicing Yoga since 2008 and became a teacher in 2011 after strong recommendations from his Yoga Master, Raquel. He started practicing Ashtanga Yoga for its pure discipline then after 3 years of constant practice tried other styles of Yoga, including; Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa, Acro Yoga with different teachers around the world.



Raquel has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and teaching since 2010, she practiced Satyananda yoga with her Yoga Master, Gloria for over 15 years. Raquel then went on to try other Yoga styles including Iyengar, Hatha classic, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Acro Yoga, trying hundreds of different classes around Spain.